As a significant driver of development in Morocco, our Company plays an important social and economic role in the cities and regions where it operates. Zalar Holding provides support for several charities and outreach programs, including:

Basic infrastructure: mosque construction, rural road rehabilitation, school development and renovation, electrification and free access to electricity

Health: awareness campaign participation and support (Lalla Salma Foundation Against Cancer, Association l’Avenir Against Children’s Cancer, etc.)

Nutrition: food distribution at company-sponsored events (holiday village for Skhirat children, orphanages, retirement homes, etc.)

Environment: various initiatives and awareness campaigns (Zenata Association to mark Earth Day, Bahri Association for the protection of coastal areas and to raise environmental awareness in future generations, etc.)

Equal consideration is given to our employees, who are free to contribute to any of our social initiatives or awareness campaigns. This active participation allows them to apply all our Group’s common values and to share them with as many people as possible.