Our values are shared by all our employees – this has been one of the key ingredients of our Group’s success and durability. To this end, Zalar Holding’s practices are informed by the principles and benchmarks of behavior that emerge from the following values:

Customer focus, by being attentive to our clients’ requests in order to fulfill their needs
Respect for the environment, Zalar Holding’s internal regulations, and all other laws and regulations. Our environmental policy can be found in our Group Charter for Health, Safety, Environment, and Quality
Responsibility, in the interest of sustainable development. We act with honesty and integrity with all interlocutors in all circumstances. From the very beginning, we have strived to promote professionalism, solidarity, fairness, diversity, and equality
Setting an example, thus ensuring the internal and external credibility of our actions

A strong common core is essential for strengthening the integration of our activities and developing our market share, particularly in West Africa.
Faced with a fiercely competitive and constantly evolving market, we aspire to continue emphasizing quality, respect for the environment, as well as the satisfaction of our clients, partners, and employees.


High-quality products are an absolute requirement at Zalar Holding. Every day, we make sure that our products and services are completely traceable and safe. The majority of our subsidiaries have received certifications ((ISO 9001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001 and halal labeling) that are indicative of the effective quality management system in place at our Group.


Using the experience and know-how received from the generations before us, we pursue excellence in all our businesses in order to acquire, master, and offer the best research and development solutions.

Our installations are on the cutting edge of technology. We are also committed to aligning our employees’ skills with our Group’s strategic choices.

Indeed, the training and retention of human resources is crucial for the transmission of knowledge and expertise, in addition to being a vital source of creativity and innovation.


As a significant driver of development in Morocco, our Company plays an important social and economic role in the cities and regions where it operates. Zalar Holding provides support for several charities and outreach programs, including:

Basic infrastructure: mosque construction, rural road rehabilitation, school development and renovation, electrification and free access to electricity
Health: awareness campaign participation and support (Lalla Salma Foundation Against Cancer, Association l’Avenir Against Children’s Cancer, etc.)
Nutrition: food distribution at company-sponsored events (holiday village for Skhirat children, orphanages, retirement homes, etc.)
Environment: various initiatives and awareness campaigns (Zenata Association to mark Earth Day, Bahri Association for the protection of coastal areas and to raise environmental awareness in future generations, etc.)

Equal consideration is given to our employees, who are free to contribute to any of our social initiatives or awareness campaigns. This active participation allows them to apply all our Group’s common values and to share them with as many people as possible.