The supply of raw materials to the animal feed segment is essentially maintained by its sister commodity trading segment.

Animal nutrition products are mainly composed of different types of grain (corn, barley, sorghum), oilseed cakes (soya and sunflower), fishmeal, minerals, and premix. Most of these ingredients (corn, soya, sorghum, minerals, and vitamins) must be imported due to the insufficiency of local supply.

Additionally, human grain consumption has been increasing more rapidly in emerging markets like Morocco, where dietary habits are rapidly evolving. The supply of grain (mainly wheat, in the case of Morocco) is first and foremost maintained by local production, while the balance is imported according to weather conditions.

Since the liberalization of agricultural commodity trading in 1996, the sector has been open to free competition and a multitude of mainly domestic operators have emerged. These operators are registered with the Office National Interprofessionnel des Céréales et des Légumineuses (National Interprofessional Office for Grain and Pulses).


Composed of 4 companies – Graderco, Alimaroc and Promograins in Morocco, as well as Cérès in Switzerland – the trading department of Zalar Holding encompasses our import, trading, and storage activities with respect to grain and grain derivatives, such as corn, soya, and wheat. Graderco and Alimaroc account for over 25% of domestic agricultural commodity imports.

Rigorously inspected upon receipt, the commodities are stored in large warehouses in Mohammedia, Tit Mellil and Jorf Lasfar (Casablanca region), Agadir (Southern Atlantic coast), as well as Nador (Mediterranean coast).

These storage units have a capacity of over 320,000 metric tons. Their significant height ensures proper ventilation and long-term protection of the products, and also guarantees that their quality and cleanliness meet market standards.
The Group also has at its disposal an additional storage capacity of 40,000 metric tons through the storage units of its animal feed subsidiaries.

Zalar Holding draws on the expertise of its team of experienced traders in order to offer quality products and services to its clients.