The animal feed sector concerns itself with the production of poultry and ruminant feed. It is a key component of the Moroccan poultry industry and is also the sector’s most capital-intensive activity.

The animal feed industry, which is 70% dedicated to poultry feed (with the rest of production dedicated to ruminant feed), is still highly competitive, with approximately 40 specialized plants on the market.

The Moroccan animal feed sector is characterized by a large number of stakeholders, with several producers also integrating hatching and broiling activities.


Zalar Holding operates in the poultry and ruminant feed production market through its subsidiaries El Alf (Fes region) and Agro Industrielle Al Atlas (Casablanca region), both responsible for marketing the Alf Al Maghrib brand, as well as Feed & Food Additifs, which specializes in the production of premix and additives. Alf Al Maghrib holds a national market share of over 18%.
Zalar has currently the largest domestic animal feed production capacity, with 960,000 metric tons per year, enabling the Group to respond to a rising market demand.

The Group’s products are recognized for their quality and are available in a number of varieties. They are efficiently distributed throughout the country, thanks to Zalar’s strong presence in the strategic regions of Fes and Casablanca.

True to its founding values, Zalar is committed to high quality products; as a result, the Group’s state of-the-art plants implement high quality assurance standards throughout the entire production process. This commitment to quality has been confirmed by the achievement of ISO 9001, ISO 22000, and OHSAS 18001 certifications.

Additionally, a team of dedicated veterinarians allows Zalar to provide a proactive and effective after-sales service, thus helping the Group to form close relationships with clients and partners.