The Moroccan slaughtering market is still relatively young. The sector is currently experiencing significant restructuring, mostly as a result of the sale of live chickens, strong competition from traditional slaughtering methods (Riacha), and the relatively small quantity of poultry processed in industrial slaughterhouses.

Over 90% of Moroccan slaughtered chicken is processed using traditional slaughtering methods. This reduces the need for industrial slaughtering units and results in underutilized production capacity. However, in the turkey sector from 2012 to 2016, between 70% and 90% of animals were processed in industrial slaughterhouses, mainly as a result of the birds’ larger size and weight and the larger spaces needed for their slaughter. Turkey meat is generally sold either in cuts, or, to a lesser degree, in cold cuts.

Mechanically separated meat, a by-product of the slaughtering process, is in high demand in Moroccan processed meat production facilities and is imported in significant quantities.
These facilities combine mechanically recovered meat with starch, additives, and other ingredients to produce cold cuts, canned meat, or poultry spread. This process also calls for specially adapted mixtures and the appropriate heat treatment. The products are then packaged in units or according to weight, and are sold on both traditional and modern markets in a variety of forms (such as smoked turkey slices, hot dogs, poultry spreads and canned meat).


Zalar Holding includes two subsidiaries respectively specialized in slaughtering and meat processing: Eldin and Banchereau Maroc, both located in the region of Casablanca. They produce whole chickens and turkeys, poultry cuts in various forms, and processed meat products.

Marketed under the well-known Dindy brand, with the slogan Dindy ya Dindy, these products have been a great commercial success throughout the country.
The Group recently started to export canned poultry meat to West African countries, and intends to expand its exported product offering.

Zalar is strongly committed to offering high-quality products, and has invested in state-of-the-art facilities as a result. The Group’s products are cut by professional butchers and adhere strictly to all sanitary and safety regulations.
Dindy is also the first domestic brand to be halal certified.

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