Among the white meats, Moroccan operators produce mainly chicken and turkey broilers, with laying chickens as well as breeding chickens and turkeys produced on a smaller scale.

According to the Fédération Interprofessionnelle du Secteur Avicole (Interprofessional Poultry Sector Federation), approximately 8,550 authorized broiling units accounted for 2016 poultry production, distributed across 7,600 chicken farms and 950 turkey farms.

The Moroccan chicken broiling sector is extremely fragmented, while the turkey broiling sector is controlled mainly by Zalar and two other stakeholders.


Through its subsidiary UMA Volailles, which specializes in chicken and turkey broilers, Zalar Holding operates approximately twenty modern farms across the major regions of Morocco.
The Group is one of the main stakeholders on the market.

Zalar employs a team of qualified veterinarians and technicians, responsible for recurrent monitoring throughout the entire production cycle. They ensure that all international poultry broiling standards are respected.